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Lt John A. Macready is the only person to receive the Mackay Trophy three times. The San Diego native served as a Test pilot at Army Signal Corp's McCook Field in Dayton Ohio. Macready received the trophy annually from 1921 to 1923. In 1921, Macready received the Mackay Trophy for setting a world altitude record of 40.800 feet. In 1922 Macready along with Lt Oakley Kelly received the Mackay Trophy for setting a world flight endurance record of 35 hours, 18 and one-half minutes. Finally in 1923, Macready and Kelly received the trophy for the first nonstop U.S. transcontinental flight. They flew from New York to San Diego in just under 27 hours. Their Fokker T.2 is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. Macready was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame



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