Historical and Contemporary Factors of the Prostitution: A Quantitative Comparison.

Byline: Muhammad Ahtasham Jan Butt

Background of the study

Prostitution is the oldest profession that remained existent in the history and there were multiple factors that triggered the occurrence and presence of the prostitution. Presence of prostitution in the history is easily observable and it had been present in different civilizations with different shapes, modes and forms. Social history is an important sub-discipline of history that traces out any social phenomenon over a longer period of time. Social history deals with the social structure with a specific and well directed focus on social change that occurs with a longer time span. There are two broader facets that are included in the study of social history (Fairburn 2004).

* The first area that the social history focuses is on the social status, caste and class system and how society is composed of different factors throughout the history. This mainly studies the structure and composition of the society.

* The second area that the social history studies, relates to the study of social movements and gradual changes that take place in the society.

Throughout the history, presence of prostitution cannot be negated however; the factors that are responsible for the prostitution can be different. Socio-cultural and religious factors are thought to be associated with the occurrence of the prostitution. However, in the modern era, through social change, new factors have been identified that foster the prostitution (Conrad 2001). Some of the factors are present throughout the history however some new factors have been emerged. The current study is an attempt to compare and contrast the existing and previous factors that led to the presence and spread of the prostitution.

Factors of Prostitution

There are a number of the reasons of prostitution i.e. lower socio-economic status, psychological pressure, the criminal nature of the parents and most importantly the lack of education. Poverty is one of the important reasons that promote prostitution because the people of remote areas have limited job opportunities. They suffer from a number of economic issues that force them to involve their children especially the girls in prostitution (Thompson et al 2013).

The pressure of family pushes the girls to be involved in the field of prostitution. Prostitution is a highly disliked profession of the society even the people do not like to have formal or informal relations with the family who is involved in this job sector. But there are a number of the cases which reveal that the prostitutes do not choose this profession by their own rather these social, economic and psychological pressures that force them to adopt this field as their profession. They suffer such conditions that they even take to present their bodies for granted. It is really a serious issue of our society that needs the attention of the government and policy makers (Jackson et al. 2009).

The lack of education is one of the prime factors of prostitution because the uneducated people are not conscious of the merits and demerits of different social settings. The parents who prefer to sale their children to the pimps are mostly uneducated. They do not have sense that they are selling their children for socially disapproved profession that will destroy their future and coming generation as well (Nkala 2014).

Nearly half of the women prostitutes belong to the families which are already involved in prostitution. They take this profession like the other jobs in which they offer sexual services and in return they get monetary benefits. This shows that prostitution perpetuates from itself. The major factors of prostitution constitute from itself. On the other hands, the socially segregated and isolated classes of the society take part in this sector because they do not have social value in the society so they feel comfortable and easy in sexual services as well (Qayyum et al. 2013).

A number of the studies show that psychological pressure is also an important determinant of prostitution in Pakistan. The physical and sexual abuse in the childhood at the homes leads to the psychological pressure which ultimately unpacks the most sensitive and secret part of the bodies at very younger age. The younger that face the sexual abuse at the homes or job placement in the teenage are more likely to become prostitutes because they have seen and experienced that what a sexual intercourse is all about (Ramesh et al 2008).

The homelessness is another factor of prostitution because the social status is measured up by your residential and professional measures. But there are a number of families who do not have the basic facility of residence. They use every trick to get these facilities and even adopt prostitution as their profession (Spice 2007). In the modern era, the youth gets involved into the use of drugs as a fashion but later on they become habitual drug addicts. Thelack of the economic resources to fulfill their needs of drugs forces them finally to present their bodies for sexual services in order to get drugs (Brown 2013).

Factors of prostitution in the history

The presence of the prostitution as a profession is found existent in the long history and it is observable in the Pagan societies as well as in the Greek civilization in the name of Hetaera (Kofman et al, 2000). In Cyprus and ancient Japan women must participate in...

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