Hispanic franchisees and the America dream: our seasoned expert tells us why the 2015 Franchise Summit was a success and why we should look forward to attend the next one.

Author:Schneider, Pablo

ALL ACROSS AMERICA, thousands of Hispanic franchisees are living the American dream. The energy and drive of these entrepreneurs combined with world-class franchises is a recipe for success. The franchisees have the opportunity to own their own businesses and to partner with iconic brands. The franchisors are able to expand and diversify their franchisee base. Diverse markets and consumers are better served. Everybody wins.

The 2015 Latino Leaders Franchising Summit, which was hosted at Pizza Hut Center of Restaurant Excellence, brought together current and prospective Hispanic franchisees with major franchisors and providers of professional support services.

This day-long Summit began with welcome remarks by Jorge Ferraez, Publisher of Latino Leaders; James Fripp, Senior Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion of Pizza Hut; Jesse Arnold, Senior Manager of Franchise Recruiting of Pizza Hut; and Miriam Brewer, Senior Director of Education and Diversity of the International Franchise Association. These experienced leaders shared insights on the robust franchising landscape, the critical importance of diversity among franchisees, and the need for more Hispanic franchisees nationally.

The morning keynote speaker, Eduardo Diaz, President & CEO of the EYM Group, shared his inspirational story of starting with one McDonalds, becoming a very successful McDonalds franchisee, selling his company, and starting a new building a second successful company as a franchisee of Denny's and of Burger King.

The Summit featured three substantive panels focusing franchisee success, professional support services, and the consumer and Latino market.

Panel 1: "Lessons & Experiences of Successful Franchises in the Latino Market"

* Luis Veras, Pizza Hut Franchisee

* Travis Edmonson Director of Business Development, Pollo Campero


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