A reader recently wrote. His subscription has expired.

Author:Reno, R.R.
Position:WHILE WE'RE AT IT - Brief article

A reader recently wrote. His subscription has expired. He's hesitating. He likes the magazine, but, a committed Presbyterian, he's frustrated. After he took out a subscription five years ago, in came a steady flow of solicitations asking for donations to Catholic causes. He's sure the monasteries, convents, orphanages, and colleges are worthy, but it troubles him. What's going on? Why the Catholic bombardment through the mail?

The answer is simple. We sell our subscription list to organizations--and other magazines too. (We also buy lists to send solicitations to people we hope will be enticed to subscribe.) By and large, legacy Catholic publications like Commonweal and America have a liberal Catholic readership. Now that Crisis no longer publishes a print edition and other publications have fallen by the wayside, we're pretty much the only reliable way to reach a...

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