Hine, David. Poison candy.

Author:Sweeney, Jennifer
Position:Poison Candy - Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HINE, David. Poison candy. (Vol. 1.) Illus. by Hans Steinbeck.Tokyopop. 192p. illus, c2007 978-1-4278-0080-0. $9.99. A

A blood-soaked beginning paves the way for this gritty SF tale. Sam Chance and his band "The Raging Hormones" are trying to get a gig. They have one devoted fan--a follower named Yusuf, who has a little problem with loan sharks. When Yusuf is forced to pay them back, Sam steps in and stands up for his friend, and proceeds to beat the bad guys--who are much larger and stronger than him--senseless. After the fight, Sam starts bleeding out of his eyes, nose and mouth and has a seizure. When he awakens, he finds that he's in the hospital and has been diagnosed with the terminal SKAR virus. Soon after, a mysterious man offers to cryogenically freeze Sam, in hopes of finding a cure, to which he agrees. When Sam awakens from his cryo-sleep, he finds this world is not the world he remembers.

Hine has created a dark, apocalyptic...

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