Hill, Lawrence. Someone knows my name.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Young adult review - Audiobook review

HILL, Lawrence. Someone knows my name. Read by Adenrele Ojo. 14 cds. 18 hrs. Books on Tape. 2007. 978-1-4259-4590-2. $129.00. Vinyl; plot notes. SA

Aminata is a young African girl who is captured by slave traders while out with her mother, the local midwife, in the early 1700s. Her father is killed, and at age 11, she is on her own. Her ability to "catch babies" and to pick up languages marks her as a special person, but does not save her from the abuses of slavery. She barely survives the crossing and lands on a South Carolina plantation where she is befriended by a series of other slaves. Eventually Aminata marries a young man who helped her when she was captured and she has a baby, but the child is taken from her. Her life continues with a man who teaches her to read and write and takes her to New York City. There she escapes and because of the rebellion against the British, she is able to make a life for herself. When the British offer to take some free Negroes to Nova Scotia to start a colony, she assists them and travels to Nova Scotia. There Aminata and her friends are disappointed to find that their...

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