Hidden Dangers, Security, and Metadata

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Hidden Dangers, Security,
and Metadata
In previous chapters, we’ve covered some great online alter-
natives for collaborating on documents. Office Online, Google
Docs, and the others provide the ability to work on a docu-
ment together in real time, without having to send it out on
the “document review” circuit. After reading our recommen-
dations, some of you may be tempted to ditch your current
word processing applications entirely in favor of the “online
office.” Indeed, tools like Office Online, Google Docs, and
Zoho offer appealing alternatives that allow anyone in your
office access to documents wherever they happen to have an
Internet connection. Maybe you’re not ready to move your
documents completely online, but you might be interested in
some form of online document collaboration, or simply storing
some of your documents online. What should make you stop
and think carefully before plunging into the online document
arena is that some of those documents contain confidential
client information.
Before making the move to online documents, you should
consider the answers to a few questions about security and
other issues. Can an online office tool be a substitute for a prod-
uct that resides on your computer? What are the ethical and
security issues involved with keeping confidential client docu-
ments online? How do these services back up my documents—
if they do so at all? And do online documents contain meta-
data? Although security has improved considerably in the ten
years since the first edition of this book, it is still a serious

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