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Each year, we honor those healthcare professionals who go above and beyond for their patients, their communities, and their fields. Pushing Utah's healthcare industry forward by creating innovation in suicide prevention, advocating for communities with disabilities, and rehabilitating the state of neurological care, these heroes do more than just save lives, they inspire them.

Administrative Excellence


Clinic Director | Neuroworx

Almost 30 years into her career, Jan Black has educated, mentored, and inspired hundreds of therapy students, shaping the next generation of clinicians. And as the clinic director at Neuroworx, she's had a profound effect on her community through cofounding the innovative rehabilitation center for people with paralyzing neurological conditions. Ms. Black has a constant commitment to superior care and she's grown her clinic from a small, one-room entity with 12 patients to a state-of-the-art, 25,500 square-foot clinic serving hundreds.


CEO | Revere Health

Spearheading Revere Health's focus on value-based care, Scott Barlow is proud of their efforts to shift healthcare delivery towards transparency and affordability. "We're actively pursuing new care models where we carry financial risks to achieve these objectives, which has enabled us to focus on things that make sense," he says. "I've had an amazing experience seeing how we made a difference in the lives of people."

Community Outreach


Chair, Emergency Department | Intermountain Medical Center

Utah Emergency Physicians

After the loss of a beloved emergency department team member to suicide, Dr. Adam Balls and his colleagues took action. Creating the OASIS program, Dr. Balls and his team developed the initiative to provide peer support when his colleagues face difficult encounters. "Caregiver fatigue and mental injury are being nationally recognized as significant problems in our busy and complex healthcare system," says Dr. Balls. "It is our hope that through comprehensive programs like our OASIS initiative, we will provide caregivers with the tools and support needed to take better care of themselves and their patients."


Community Health Improvement Area Manager | Intermountain Healthcare

Kristy L. Jones brings people together. And as a community health improvement area manager, she devotes her time to improve community health. "Putting together events and programs that can ease someone's mind makes me glad I chose public health as a career," she says. From helping uninsured women through the Women's Health Connection to supporting suicide prevention through the Suicide Awareness Walk hosted by...

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