Los Hermanos Cruz.

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I can't think of any Panamanian salsa musicians as busy as Oscar and Rey Cruz, collectively known locally in their native country as Los Hermanos Cruz (The Cruz Brothers). In a short period of time--through persistence, experience, and quality--they have become the first-call percussionists for any artist that needs exceptional, professional drumming in his/her recordings.

Oscar, the younger and most outspoken of the Cruz siblings, was born on January 28, 1971, while his older brother (Rey) carne into this world on October 5, 1964, in the San Miguel neighborhood of Panamá City, where they received an early education, playing with local comparsas during the local carnivals. Along the way, they have created a name for themselves, after having performed--together or individually--Reinaldo Alfú's quartet, Rafael Labasta's orchestra, Rail/López's Orquesta Puerto Rico (a Puerto Rican band from a U.S. military base in Panamá), Grupo Ebony, Orquesta Saoco, Conjunto Mamey, Máximo Rodríguez & Mane Nieto, Marta Estela Paredes, David Watts, Ricardo y Alberto, and Grupo Cimarrón (which accompanied Rubén Blades in his presentations and recordings in Panamá), among others.

Los Hermanos Cruz participated in the Rubén Blades recording titled La Rosa de los Vientos, which won...

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