Hereville: how mirka met a meteorite.

Author:Heiman, Diane

Deutsch, Barry

The book Hereville: How Mirka Met A Meteorite, written and illustrated by Barry Deutsch, is a fantastic comic book with detailed pictures. It takes place in an Orthodox Jewish village named Hereville, and the main character is a girl named Mirka.

The book starts with a troll who accidentally summons a meteorite that will destroy all of Hereville. Mirka runs to a witch and asks her to stop it. Just at the last moment before the meteor strikes the ground, the witch turns the meteorite into something no one would expect: another Mirka! Mirka is stunned, but then realizes the pranks she could play, and the school she could miss. The two Mirkas agree to split Mirka's life in half. After a while, though, the real Mirka starts finding herself unhappy, jealous and missing her old life. She confronts the meteorite and tells it that she wants it gone. The girls proceed to have a contest: Who is the better Mirka? The winner stays, and the loser goes.

The way the author writes is very captivating and intriguing, especially the way this teenage Jewish girl rebels against the stereotypes her life is intertwined with. Hidden in this book is a very important lesson: Everyone is unique and special and they should always be themselves, no matter what stands in their way. It inspires its readers to act and not be held down by the stereotypes and...

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