Here's what you need to know about this new cheese shop in Greenville.

It all started with a really good grilled cheese sandwich.

A product of the North, Michael Davitt, co-owner of The Cheese Wheel, said cheese shops are a dime a dozen where he comes from. When he visited Greenville a few years ago, he realized this was an up-and-coming city, but there weren't any specialized cheese shops, something he was raised on and wanted to see in the Greenville community, bringing a classic fromagerie-style shop to the city. Davitt's mother, Denise, is the co-owner of the shop.

"We wanted to be the first ones here to fill that void," Davitt said.

He said when he was younger, he had always wanted to be a small business owner, but it being such a broad career space, he wasn't sure what type of business he wanted.

Straying away from that dream, Davitt started a career in finance, which wasn't exactly fulfilling to him.

Growing up in the North, he grew an affinity for Murray's Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, a New York City staple, and wanted to try all the different cheeses in the sandwich. Over time, he started eating different cheeses outside of the bread or with crackers.

"It was just one of those things you stumbled into without even knowing it," he said. "So, why not fill that void in a beautiful city while fulfilling a lifelong dream of wanting to be a small business owner. I quit my finance job to pursue something I knew I would really love."

So why not just buy cheese at your local grocery store?

When you get pre-wrapped, pre-sliced cheeses, said Davitt, you don't know how long it's been sitting out, and the reality with cheese is that the moment you slice it off the wheel, you are allowing oxidation to begin, which in turn distorts the texture, the character, and the original flavor of the cheese itself.

"We also want to foster an educational environment here for people who don't know much about cheese," he added. "The taste of the cheeses cut fresh from the wheel is unmatched."

Davitt said sampling of any of the cheeses is also another difference that makes a business like his stand out, because you simply are flying blind most of the time at the grocery store, not knowing what you're cutting into or if you'll even like it.

"You know what you're buying here when you're...

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