Heneghan, James. The grave.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Random House, Laurel-Leaf. 246p. c2000. 0-440-22948-0. $5.50 J *

To quote KLIATT's September 2000 review of the hardcover edition:

Abandoned as a baby in a department store in Liverpool, 13-year-old Tom has grown up accustomed to fending, for himself in a series of awful foster homes. When construction starts in his schoolyard, he feels mysteriously drawn to the deep hole that has been dug there. Creeping out to investigate it one dark night, he finds that it's an old mass grave, and when he tumbles into it he is no longer in England in 1974 but in Ireland in 1847--in the midst of the terrible potato famine. There he saves the life of a boy named Tully on a beach, only to find that Tully looks like he could be Tom's identical twin. Tully's family, the Monaghans, welcome Tom as a hero, and he quickly feels at home with them, forming a special attachment to plucky Hannah, the 12-year-old sister. When English soldiers attack, he tries to come to the aid of the family's father, only to find himself catapulted back into his own time. But Tom manages to make his way back to the Monaghans several times, helping...

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