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School is almost out and summer is approaching. It is time for teenagers to be thinking about earning some summer cash and having fun with friends. It's not the time to let an asthma attack get in the way of their plans. For most people with asthma, symptoms can be caused simply by a change in their regular environment--even if no triggers are present. A new summer job, an outing with friends, going to summer camp, or a family vacation can expose teens to irritants that could lead to an asthma attack. Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, Del., offers them some helpful hints:

* Grilling and cooking fumes can trigger an asthma attack. Working at a fast-food restaurant could be a potential problem if you are making fries or hamburgers. Why not try a grocery or department store job instead?

* Neighborhood pools are crowded with swimmers looking to escape the hot summer sun. If you are working as a lifeguard, maintaining chlorine levels might put you at risk for developing asthma symptoms. How about trading the task of chlorine maintenance for stacking chairs and sweeping up around the pool?

* Before agreeing to baby-sit at a neighbor's house, visit the family first and spend time in their surroundings. Can you identify asthma triggers that could cause you problems? Talk with the parents about potential triggers and how...

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