Helping members communicate: the Chamber's PR/Marketing Advisory Council helped launch Detroiter online and bring YPs to Mackinac.

Author:Friedman, Matt
Position:Member Outreach

You could make the argument that the Detroit Regional Chamber has never played a more important role for Southeast Michigan than it is playing right now. With the challenges we face as a business community, our Chamber needs to bring us closer together in the name of moving our region forward.


The Chamber's PR/Marketing Advisory Council has embraced its role as a catalyst for communicating the needs of Chamber members in the current environment. We have provided opinions and insights that have led directly to the most significant-marketing initiatives the Chamber has introduced over the past year.

Notably, for several years, the Council advised the Chamber's staff as it carefully designed and ultimately implemented the communications tool now known as the "Detroiter Online." Our group combined a variety of perspectives to advise the Chamber on how to create a site that will match the organization's needs, as they evolve.

The Chamber and its members now have an online community to share news, events, perspectives, advice and, importantly, build connections. The Detroiter Online mirrors the leading emerging platforms for communications anywhere--something our Council advised every step of the way. If you have yet to visit, I encourage you to check it out today. The Chamber is still seeking input as, in the world of Internet communications, sites are always works in progress.

Also importantly this year, we came together to provide input to the Chamber about how to introduce young professionals to the Mackinac Policy Conference. Our input, from employers of young professionals and the members of that...

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