HELP US SUPPORT FRANCHISING WITH IFA ADVANTAGE: Consider using member suppliers for whatever your franchise needs.

Author:O'Connell, Mary Ann

Is there any business owner who has built a business without any outside assistance or influence? The printer who created your cards, the U.S. Postal Service, computer manufacturer, Internet provider--together, you built your success. How many were IFA members?

The IFA 2019 slogan, "Together, We Are Franchising" conjures images of each stakeholder in the IFA community learning and working together for favorable legislation, ever-growing franchise systems, and camaraderie among peers and within systems. To the members of the Supplier Forum it also means being invested in the IFA alongside our franchisor and franchisee clients as their agents for success. For that to happen, we must all do business with each other.

IFA is supporting an initiative to work and grow together called IFA Advantage. When looking for goods and services, look first to the members of the IFA Supplier Forum.


* Working Together: Your success is their success and, together, we all make franchising successful. Many suppliers work exclusively in the franchise sector, so building strong, successful and legally compliant brands keeps them and you in business.

* Supporting the Cause: IFA Supplier Forum Members have committed to the long-term success of franchising through their investment in the organization. Did you know that suppliers are the dominant force in the IFA finances? They pay dues, fill the exhibit halls, sponsor all the IFA events, buy advertising and are the largest percentage of max donors to FranPAC? Their financial support makes possible many of your IFA membership benefits.

* Staying Informed: Their membership gives them the latest information on changes in the sector and you gain the advantage of an informed provider. The world is changing fast; legislative and regulatory changes can quickly undermine what you are doing. A supplier who uses its membership to stay abreast of changes then share and apply it becomes an asset that others might not be able to offer.

* Shared Best Practices: They usually work with multiple systems and can share best practices that make us all better. Within each franchise system, franchisees are encouraged to share ideas that can be used to move the brand forward. We all know the benefit of networking with our peers at events such as the convention. Supplier members work with scores of brands and have large networks. They can see what is working well in individual systems, compare those methods to your circumstances and...

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