On a fateful morning in 1980, Hector Garcia purchased a window washing business in Los Angeles. He'd always had an entrepreneurial spirit but could never predict what would come from this once-in-a-lifetime transaction.

Nearly 40 years later, Garcia now runs one of the top full-service window maintenance businesses in the country, serving as the gold standard for everything from waterproofing to bird control systems. In 1980, Garcia started small as a one-man business, servicing clients throughout the Los Angeles area. As his company grew, he began to take on more clients, more employees, and larger endeavors; most notably the high-rise buildings his business is renowned for servicing.

"At first, we were just doing basic window cleanings. But as I got around to talking to my clients, I began to learn of their other needs. From vinyl repair to bird issues in their buildings, I thought to myself, 'we're already up there, why don't we just go above and beyond? Going the extra mile for our clients is what has made us the gold standard of service". Garcia, a self-made businessman, prides himself and his business on their camaraderie and customer service. Through the highs and the lows of the business, HSG has banded together like a family of sorts--helping one another through difficult days on the job while supporting fellow clients and customers in solving their window-related needs.

Comerica Bank has been integral to their operation. From credit lines to acquisition insight, HSG's partnership with the bank has allowed them to expand and achieve never-before-seen growth. "I like to think of my partnership with Comerica like a Formula One race. My business is like the racecar; when we need to stop, repair, and refocus...

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