Healthy sugar.

Author:Pavka, Elizabeth
Position:Your nutrition questions: answered - Brief Article

There seem to be so many kinds of sugar(s) these days. Can you tell me which kinds I should stay away from, which kinds are the "healthiest" option?

I urge people interested in their health to consider both the quality and quantity of sugar eaten. Quality: Eat foods as close to the way nature provides them as possible. Raw, brown cane sugar (sucrose) is a better choice than refined, white sugar (sucrose). Honey, maple syrup, and black strap molasses are healthier choices than white or brown sugar. Today, 55 percent of the sweetener used in manufacturing (I use that word consciously) foods is high-fructose corn syrup because it is sweeter and cheaper. Research indicates there are concerns about the negative impact HFCS has on health, specifically obesity.


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