A healthy industry is an influential industry.

Author:Molde, Jade


"Throwback Thursdays" is a popular trend on social media, which revolves around users tweeting or posting about something that happened in the past (generally posted on a Thursday, which I'm sure isn't a shock)--either remembering personal experiences and achievements, notable events in history, pop culture references, etc. A simple search for "#tbt" on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will yield hundreds of thousands of posts and images.

If you take some time to scroll through them, you'll likely encounter an image or two that conjures up nostalgia, disbelief at how quickly time has passed or a reflective "I remember that ..." moment.

We recently had one of these moments revisiting a campaign introduced in one of our companion magazines American Handgunner over a decade ago: the "Buy A Gun For America" effort. This drive was introduced during the 2004 presidential election cycle, which was an important time for the industry in the wake of the post-9/11 environment.

In what originally appeared in the November/December 2004 issue of American Handgunner, Editor Roy Huntington relayed a conversation he had with a former U.S. congressman--which asserted average citizens could impact the national election by simply "buying a gun." In doing so, they would "fire-up growth" and create jobs for the industry, while also sending a "strong message" to America. These basic tenets still apply today.

Although the "Buy A Gun For America" campaign is 12 years old, the premise behind it is still very relevant. In fact, perhaps this push is more important now than it was in 2004. For one, the industry's economic impact is significantly larger now than it was then: A recent NSSF report revealed the industry...

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