Author:Bicknell, Lindsay

Every year, we honor those healthcare professionals who are fhe most innovative in their fields. Whether that is integrating acupuncture into their medical practice, developing new technology for managing patient care, or increasing the number of livers available for transplants, these folks deserve recognition for the work they are doing to move their industry forward.


Assistant Professor, College of Nursing | University of Utah Health/University of Utah College of Nursing

Caring Connections provides group grief counseling to dozens of Utah suicide and traumatic death survivors every year. Facilitated by the University of Utah's College of Nursing, these groups would be impossible without a selfless group of more than 50 volunteers. For six weeks a year, for the past two decades, these social workers, psychologists, advanced practice nurses, counselors, and chaplains have donated their time and expertise to guide survivors through their grief.


Roseman University of Health Sciences

The Dental Clinic at Roseman University is always looking for innovative ways to improve the healthcare of its patients. Over the past two years, they have worked tirelessly on a new program, offering the clinic's patients necessary dental care at affordable costs. Created for patients without dental insurance, the Dental Clinic is helping improve the oral health of the community by providing access to preventative dental care. The clinic provides an affordable option for families without a dentist, who are underinsured or are uninsured.


Manager, Crisis Services | University of Utah Neuropsychiatry Institute

As the crisis services manager, Barry Rose is dedicated to helping those suffering from mental health crises. At the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, Mr. Rose oversees programs that allow people in crisis to find help via phone, text, or anonymous email. Mr. Rose's talent in making sure those in crisis know they are available and waiting at a moment's notice. In addition to promoting the services currently available, he is always pushing to improve access. He was part of the team that went to the Utah Attorney General's Office to create SafeUT, an app that gives youth in the state access to a confidential crisis line. Now, he is working with another team to get legislation passed on a state and eventually national, 311 crisis line.


PICU Medical Director | Timpanogos Regional Hospital

Dr. Dustin Monroe has been the key to expanding pediatric care at Timpanogos Regional Hospital as its first pediatric intensivist. In Utah County, parents often have to make the heart-breaking decision between being miles away from home with their sick children or staying home to care for other responsibilities. But since Dr. Monroe's initial consultation, he has helped create accessible pediatric care. In the ten months since the expansion of pediatric services, he has helped consult on the cases of more than 3,000 children in their emergency room. Dr. Monroe has also helped recruit expert pediatric specialists to the hospital including pediatric cardiology...

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