Healing and consciousness.

Author:Srinivasan, Thaiyar M.


The phenomenon of healing and the noumenon of consciousness are the ends of a complex and long spectrum consisting of stages in awareness. Both the neumenon and the phenomenon need to be synthesized into our daily lives to maintain homeostasis, to promote healing and ultimately, if possible to achieve transcendence. Needless to say, this is a life long endeavor.

This talk will attempt to examine recent advances in Energy Medicine research with a view to understand the direction of enquiry in the movement in phenomenon. However, the ultimate goal to is transcend phenomenon itself; hence, a review of literature around the world is undertaken to focus thoughts on neumenon. The underlying unity in the expressions in spiritual experiences over many centuries and in many parts of the world point to the idea that neumenon is in fact the objective while phenomenon is the subjective aspect of our experience. This also confirms the current scientific view that science is subjective in its core.

It is time then to reverse our ideas of subjective and objective. The science that has a subject investigating is the subjective science while a science that goes beyond the subject who investigates is the objective science. Another way to look at this is a science that has an object in focus is a subjective science while one that has no object to focus on is an objective science! Needless to say, we should be moving from the subjective to the objective as we proceed in life. While this may not be the end of all discussions in subjective/objective debate, at least it could open the doors of our perception to healing and its place in consciousness.



In our brochures, we have defined Energy Medicine as a method through which energetic and informational interactions are brought upon to move an organism towards homeostasis. [By the way, even the term homeostasis is not correct; nothing in the body is static; we need to accept the term homeokinesis]. Coming back to Energy Medicine, in short, we are talking about energy and information. Energy is capacity to do work, information may or may not involve energy; information is simply a `disturbance' that is `noted'. We need to be careful in selecting the words here; briefly, information is different from energy. Information may not do any `useful' work, however, it can still be able to bring about a change in a parameter. The parameter we usually monitor is a physiological variable. Information is visualized as a disturbance in the ether, as it were, and it is transmitted or transferred to another location where a recipient may be situated. We will talk about this a bit later.

Let us deal first with energy in more detail. There are only four types of fundamental forces as modern physics tells us. They are as follows: electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak forces. Only electromagnetic is easily controlled, and we have made all kinds of gadgets, such as communication systems, medical diagnostics and therapeutic systems based on electromagnetic energy. This energy type follows certain laws; namely, the energy when transmitted from one location decreases with distance as it spreads out, takes finite time to travel from one place to another, and can be blocked by metal screens and magnetic materials. If we are talking about transmission of healing impulses with finite time lag between transmission and reception, this may be a good way to go about modeling healing energies through electromagnetic interaction. We can also experiment to determine if the healing energy is electromagnetic by some simple measurements. However, there are areas such as prayer and distant healing where experiments have shown that an energy-based interpretation is not possible. For example, instantaneous transfer and long distances through which the effect seems to travel negate the possibility of known energy field interaction. We then resort to informational interaction model. [story of the old man and the coin and searching under the light].

In the informational interaction, obviously only information travels and no energy transfer takes places. In the initial analysis, it seems there is only a tenuous connection to concepts in physics. However, we do have a physics for this also. Actually, we can look at two differing mechanisms as possible explanations for this non-local interaction in healing. One is soliton wave propagation. A soliton is a solitary wave that behaves like a particle; it can collide with another solitary wave and still retains its characteristics of wave amplitude and frequency. Its amplitude does not decrease with distance, even though there is a time delay. So perhaps in some cases of distance healing, we can invoke the property of soliton waves in trying to understand the healing that takes place.

A more powerful model for distance healing is available from the work of Dr. David Bohm, the British physicist of renown who worked initially with Einstein and later developed theories to counter a paradox proposed by Einstein--Podolsky--Rosen or the EPR paradox as it is called. The EPR paradox is related to two coupled particles. In a coupled system of particles [also called entangled states], with two electrons spinning around their axes, it turns out if one electron is spinning with its axis up, the second one will have an opposite spin, namely, its spin axis will...

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