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Vlad Yudin & Tim Bradstreet

Arcana Studio

c/o The Vladar Company

330 W38th Street Suite 202

New York, NY 10018


9781771351621 $19.95 www.arcana.com

Suggested for mature (or at least older teen) readers due to violence and narcotics references, Headsmash is a dark, gritty, full-color graphic novel, set in a miserable urban dystopia akin to Alan Moore's "V for Vendetta" or Frank Miller's "Sin City" sagas. In Headsmash, the inner city is dominated by the Horde (no relation to the "World of Warcraft" player faction), a vicious cross between a criminal gang and a fascist totalitarian government. It is the Horde who decides which children are shuttled into a lifetime of prostitution, and which children become gang soldiers. Loyalty and solidarity are trumpeted above all; the punishment for disobedience is torture and execution, sometimes for the offender's entire family. But does The Horde truly show loyalty to its own?...

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