Headlines that are still relevant today ... If the Chamber is anything, it certainly is persistent. Some of these issues have been almost a century-long battle.

Position:100 years strong - Excerpt

News that's still under review

Good Roads--Will Detroit Set the Pace?"

(September 1910)

The article examines how updated infrastructure benefits the region's economy--not far off from the Chamber's current TranslinkeD initiative.


"The Necessity of Finding New Markets"

(October 1911)

Excerpt from the article: "There has been a feeling that the Board of Commerce might do something to aid the manufacturers of Detroit and better acquaint them with conditions of foreign markets." The Detroit Regional Economic Partnership still works on this now--and has expanded their mission to bring foreign investment here.


The Foremost Convention City"

(September 1911)

Early Chamber work included lobbying for more hotels in the city to make it more attractive to visitors. Cobo is now a top concern among many.



What was happening in the rest of the world?


We said we needed it, and we got it

"Detroit's Need--A Zoological Park"

(October 1910)

The editorial written by W.T. Hornaday, then director of the New York Zoological Society, urges Detroit to open its own zoo. "It is natural and right that we should wish to see living examples of the world's most interesting and most beautiful wild creatures ... and there be kept in comfortable captivity for the entertainment and instruction of the masses.


"A New Museum of Art"

(October 1910)

Excerpt from the article: "Now that it is practically settled that the new Public Library shall be opposite, this part of the city can be made one of the most attractive."


We've said it from the beginning ...

"Detroft is Not a One-Industry City"

(June 1911)

Excerpt from the article...

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