Head, Glenn, ed.: Hotwire Comics; volume 2.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Hotwire Comics, vol. 2 - Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HEAD, Glenn, ed. Hotwire Comics; volume 2. Fantagraphics Books. 136p. illus, c2008. 978-1-5609-7891-6. $22.99. A

This anthology features over 20 contemporary artists; contributors include Johnny Ryan, Mary Fleener, Glenn Head, Christian Northeast, Onsmith and Tim Lane. Some of the stories in this entertaining oversized (9" x 12") paperback are silly; some are offensive; some are just plain weird. None is for kids. We have William Reich, discoverer of orgone energy; a woman tripping on "Electric Ladyland"; a robot chicken; a coma dream about The Clash; sex, sex and sex; a flock of books falling from the sky; and the riveting tale of the Plainville Downtown Business Association's bake sale (my favorite).

The contributors to Hotwire Comics, Vol. 2 all have their own styles, but I glimpsed shades of luminaries such as Robert Crumb, Charles Burns, Roger Langridge and Daniel Clowes in the...

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