Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, ed. Starlight 3.

Author:Root, Deirdre B.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Tor. 350p. c2001. 0-312-86779-4. $15.95. SA

Editor Hayden once again brings together some highly literary SF in this most recent edition of his original anthology series. The stories are about evenly divided between fantasy and SE and are of uniformly high quality. While this series doesn't have an overall theme, mythology and folklore are frequently mined for material, mythology both old (Homer in Brenda Clough's "Home is the Sailor," Norse in Greg van Eekhout's "Wolves Till The World Goes Down") and more recent (Andy Duncan's brilliantly satirical "Senator Bilbo"). Standouts in a consistently fine collection include the travails of a werewolf wife aging in dog years in Susan Palwick's...

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