Taylor Hawes 2013-2014 FEI US chair: aims to change the dialogue: in all his experience and current activities, it is apparent that Taylor Hawes sees and optimizes a link between finance and technology, and he aims to apply his deep knowledge and experience to furthering the goals and operations of FEI.

Author:Heffes, Ellen M.
Position:FEI Leadership - Financial Executives International

The true talent of Taylor L. Hawes Sr., "is his ability to turn a difficult situation into a successful opportunity." So says, Bill Sinnett, senior director of research for Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), and liaison to the Committee on Finance and Technology (CFIT) of Financial Executives International (FED.

The way Sinnett tells it, CFIT was struggling to find direction when Hawes became chair in 2005. Since then, "CFIT has succeeded and prospered by attracting real thought leaders as members, and has developed an outstanding series of information technology tracks for FEI's annual leadership summit, as well as a number of leading-edge research projects."

Hawes joined FEI in 2003 to "engage with other professionals with expertise in finance and technology" so that he could learn from their approach and experiences relative to internal controls. Recall, in 2002 the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed, part of which put internal controls out in front as a major focus of public companies.

Since then, he has moved up the FEI leadership ladder--from his local Washington State Chapter--to become the U.S. national chair for 2013-2014. His goals are simple: "To work with the board of directors, staff and chapters to extend the strategic plan and focus on initiatives that enhance and drive the viability of FEI for its members and partners." He is hopeful he can "change our dialogue to that of growth and increasing member value."

So, how does he intend to accomplish his goals?

For one, he lists the various ways FEI influences policy and thought leadership--"through conferences, round-tables, FERF research papers, surveys, comment letters and local activities." FEI, he says, is actively pursuing this mission, by developing events and initiatives reflecting current developments and changes in the profession. "We need to respond to member needs in order to keep up and keep informed," says Hawes.

As illustration, he says, "During my chairmanship, the revenue recognition accounting standard change and recent COSO [Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission] Internal Control-Integrated Framework update will necessitate regional events to keep our members informed." He also adds, "We plan to provide a more robust group of programs for the 2014 Summit Leadership Conference."

Overall, Hawes sees the role for FEI and other "like" organizations around the globe as key to linking operations, organizations and individuals. He...

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