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Brandy Marshall is from Glenmont, New York.

Welcome to Lizard Motel

Protecting the Imaginative Lives of Children: A Personal Story

By Barbara Feinberg


In this memoir about the importance of children's imaginations, a mother recounts her children's reading experiences at school. She explains the depressing nature of young adult books, highlighting the dark themes of most Newbery Award--winning novels.

The Doomsday Book

By Connie Willis


A history scholar at Oxford University time-travels to the Middle Ages for field work--and accidentally arrives in the midst of the Bubonic Plague. In this historical science fiction work, Willis parallels medieval events with the humor and the panic in futuristic England.

The Fourth Bear

By Jasper Fforde


In this sequel to The Big Over Easy, Detective Jack Spratt deals with absurd and humorous conflicts in the Nursery Crimes Division of Scotland Yard. Filled with word play and unexpected allusions, the novel is perfect for a bibliophile.

The March of Folly

From Troy to Vietnam

By Barbara Tuchman


Tuchman explains how people and governments have routinely chosen the "pursuit of policy contrary to self-interest" throughout history. Using examples from ancient Troy to 1960s Vietnam, Tuchman claims that she isn't just criticizing in hindsight. All of her examples show feasible policy alternatives and a person at the time who gave due warning.

I Funny

A Middle School Story

By James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein


Jamie Grimm, a wheelchair-bound middle school student, is on a quest to win the Planet's Funniest Kid contest. Even as you're starting to get a lump in your throat, you'll want to cheer for Jamie. The novel, meant for children and young adults, is filled with humorous drawings and one-liners that will make both kids and adults laugh out loud.

The Trouble With Poetry and Other Poems

By Billy Collins


This free verse collection of poetry from Collins's stint as U.S. Poet Laureate contains witty, delightful observations and subtle insight into people.

The Women

By T. C. Boyle


This fictional account of the life of architect Frank Lloyd Wright is told through the perspectives of four of his lovers. Boyle's descriptions and development of his characters are instructive models for those seeking to improve their own writing. A key event of the...

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