Have you heard about HEDIS?

Position::The Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set is a standard measure for HMOs - Brief Article

Here's another acronym for you' HEDIS--the Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set.

It's the gold standard of measurements for health maintenance organizations nationally and can be used as a springboard for HMOs to improve the health of their members.

HEDIS information is used by agencies such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and health-care purchasers to measure HMO performance.

Many HMOS use HEDIS data to address members' health, Detroit-based Blue Care Network, for example, created a work group to carefully examine the HEDIS data and develop concrete solutions to its members' health conditions.

After reviewing 2000 results, the company worked to provide more services in such areas as child immunizations, prenatal care, cholesterol management and well-child visits.

Jeff Blancett, senior vice president and COO for Blue Care Network, says it's important to humanize the numbers that drive health-care decisions.

"Things like HEDIS scores are real indicators of whether our...

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