Harrison, Mette Ivie. Mira, mirror.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HARRISON, Mette Ivie. Mira, mirror. Penguin Putnam, Viking. 320p. c2004. 0-670-05923-4. $16.99. JS

There is nothing pretty about Grimm's fairy tales, and Harrison's story begins in that same world of evil witches and grotesque magic. But from there the story is a compelling one as the enchanted mirror in the "Snow White" fairy tale tells her own story. Mira is the mirror on the wall, now 100 years after being used by the wicked queen to destroy the fairest of them all. She becomes the possession of another young woman, Ivana, who seeks to steal the face of the merchant's daughter, Talia. Mira helps Ivana in a bid to regain the magic she needs to free herself from the mirror. Ironically, Talia is interested in her own freedom and so the two women allow the magic to change their lives. Ivana and Talia develop a genuine relationship and through them Mira learns as much...

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