Harrison, Lisi. The clique.

Author:Durant, Olivia
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HARRISON, Lisi. The clique. Little Brown, 17th Street Productions. 220p. c2004. 0-316-70128-7. $799. J

Massie Block has the perfect life: she has three best friends, dubbed "The Clique," who worship her; the latest fall fashions; and a gorgeous dog named Bean to dote upon. The student body of Octavian Country Day School looks to her in both fear and awe as a trendsetter. Then Claire and her family move into the guesthouse on the Block family property and this throws Massie's life into upheaval. Claire is completely out of her element in Westchester County, New York, where no one appreciates her white Gap jeans, navy blue Keds, and fondness for gummy candy. She tries desperately to make friends with Massie, who wants nothing to do with her and turns The Clique against her. However, Massie underestimates the feisty Claire as an adversary, and the two girls are soon locked in a contest of wills.


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