Harrison, Lisi. Invasion of the Boy Snatchers: a clique novel.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

HARRISON, Lisi. Invasion of the boy snatchers; a clique novel. Little, Brown. 252p. c2005. 0-316-70134-3. $9.99. J

Massie Block, queen of the exclusive junior high clique The Pretty Committee, is back for another installment of her life as a privileged teen in upper-crust Westchester, New York. When Claire, who lives with her family in the Block's guesthouse, moves into Massie's room while the guesthouse undergoes construction, Massie has to make some concessions. Not only is Massie adjusting to life with Claire, but her social position is being threatened by Nina, clique member Alicia's hot cousin from Spain. Nina wears sexy boots, has an exotic accent, and seems to be experienced with boys, especially for a 13-year-old. Suddenly, everyone is looking to Nina for advice on fashion and their love lives. Every boy at Briarwood drools shamelessly over Nina, making the clique girls old news. When part of Massie's loyal clique stops worshipping her, she plans revenge on Nina. Massie...

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