Harper, Suzanne. The Juliet Club.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HARPER, Suzanne. The Juliet Club. HarperCollins. 405p. c2008. 978-0-061-36691-8. $16.99. JS

Kate and her father, Dr. Sanderson, are on their way to Verona, Italy for the summer Shakespeare Seminar. While he is teaching a class at the first annual seminar with famous author Professoressa Marchese, Kate finds herself in a classroom with Dr. Marchese's son Giacomo, local Italian teens Sylvia and Benno, American athlete Tom Boone, and Southern belle Lucy Atwell. The teens are involved in a study of Romeo and Juliet while the twists and turns of Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing pepper the plot line. Kate's friends back home have wagered favorite accessories that Kate will find love in Italy after her boyfriend has broken her heart. Sylvia and Giacomo wager that Giacomo can get the American girl to fall in love with him, while Kate and Giacomo plot to make sure that Sylvia and the others think that they have fallen in love. Complicating the plots are the...

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