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Charlotte, NC 28273 USA

Telephone: 704-588-3371

Fax: 704-588-3819

Email: customer@harperimage.com

Website: www.harperimage.com


Harper Corporation of America is the leading innovator in laser engraved ceramic anilox roll production and restoration for the corrugated, wide web, narrow web, newspaper, Flexographic and Gravure printing markets worldwide. We have a full team of experts assisting printers to improve efficiencies and profitability. We also offer a variety of pressroom accessories and cleaning supplies for care & maintenance. Today, our excellence continues as we strive to offer the ultimate in surface technology & the most consistent quality engravings in the world.


Harper is proud to have been the pioneering company that was first to successfully introduce ceramic anilox surfaces for flexographic printing. This changed the world of anilox engraving forever. This leadership approach continued when we helped rocket Flexography's print quality to levels comparable to offset and gravure with the introduction of our Spectrum 60[degrees] hexagon laser engraving geometry. The hexagon shape became and remains today the global standard anilox geometry for process, line and combo printing.

Harper also revolutionized ceramic surface technologies through its foremost efforts in plasma ceramic technology. Harper was the first to achieve less than 1% porosity in its ceramic coating manufacturing process--thought impossible by experts before we did it!

Then we fundamentally improved our reproduction process when we introduced the digital measurement technology Echocel ET2000[TM], improving anilox reproduction volume transfer accuracy by 100%. We also advanced surface transfer properties of ceramic when we introduced the Platinum" surface technology. Today, we continue to pioneer...

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