Hamilton, Masha. Staircase of a thousand steps.

Author:Griffin, Maureen K.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Penguin Putnam, BlueHen. 273p. c2001: 0-425-18530-3. $13.00. SA

Hamilton drew upon her experiences as an AP correspondent in the Middle East to write a first novel that reveals in fascinating depth a desert culture in Jordan just before the 1967 war with Israel. Like her grandfather Harif, 11-year-old Jammana is able to see into the past, and her visit to her mother's village, Ein Fadr, where "a mere moment can live forever," reveals long-held tensions. The girl's mother, Rafa, and the midwife, Faridah, who uncharacteristically refused to assist in Rafa's birth, do not behave as conventional Arab women, as Harif...

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