Hamamura, John. Color of the sea.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HAMAMURA, John. Color of the sea. Random House, Anchor. 321 p. c2006. 978-0-307-38607-6. $13.95. S A

This is truly a multicultural story of a young man born in Japan, raised in Hawaii and Japan and forced to confront his nationality as he moves between the Japanese and American culture as he comes of age right before Pearl Harbor. At the age of 13, Isamu, or Sam in America, begins his training as a samurai by learning to see the many colors in everything. His intelligence and calm spirit help him when he moves to Hawaii to be with his father and has to deal with the lower status of the Japanese there. Sam is tricked into a relationship with a young woman who is the mistress of her employer, but his true love is Keiko, a girl...

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