Half of Americans use Internet for personal reasons while at work.


Technological advances have helped today's workers become far more productive than their parents and grandparents, but they are also making it easier for workers to become less productive.

A survey of 1,000 American adults by FindLaw.com, a provider of business development solutions for small law firms, found that half of respondents admit to using their employer's internet connection for personal reasons while at work. Of those who do, roughly 30 percent say they're bored or are avoiding work, while 20 percent don't have the patience or willpower to wait until after they leave work and return home.

Workers are most likely to use their employer's internet connection to check their personal e-mail account, browse news sites, or visit their Facebook page. While these activities may take only a few minutes and seem harmless to workers, they can account for considerable time and productivity lost when multiplied across an entire workforce.

Using an employer's internet connection for personal reasons can also draw unwelcome attention to employees if their computer use is being monitored.

"While employees are entitled to some privacy at work, it's important to remember that your workspace and your computer belong to your employer," says Tanya Roth, an attorney and...

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