Hale, Marian. The truth about sparrows.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HALE, Marian. The truth about sparrows. Macmillan, Square Fish. 280p. c2004. 978-0-312-37133-3. $6.99. JSA

When Sadie and her family left their home in Missouri in July of 1933, she had just turned 12 and felt that her life had ended. She left behind her home, her best friend Wilma, and the stability engendered by having a family that was known and accepted in her community. Her father, disabled by polio, walks by using his hands to drag along his useless legs; he is strong and smart, but not easily accepted by others. With little food, but a lot of gumption, the family makes its way to Texas. Sadie and her brothers work peeling shrimp and fishing on the little boat her father builds over their first summer. School brings its own horrors when Sadie has to wear dresses made of flour sacks, smelling of shrimp she has gotten up at 4 am to peel before school. Nonetheless, Sadie's resilience and that of her family get them through the premature...

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