Halal Food; A History.

Author:Waggoner, Susan
Position:Brief article - Book review

Febe Armanios and BoAaAs. Ergene; HALAL FOOD; Oxford University Press (Nonfiction: Religion) 29.99 ISBN: 9780190269050

Byline: Susan Waggoner

With more and more halal food joining the American menu, questions about it abound. Halal Food: A History by Febe Armanios and BoAaAs. Ergene offers timely, comprehensive, and thoroughly researched information on all things halal.

The book begins in the pre-Quran era (before 600 CE), describing the typical peasant diet of the Arab region. Dietary prescriptions came with the Quran. Like many religions, Islam sees eating and abstention as part of faith practice. Hence, some foods and beverages are halal, or permissible, and some foods and beverages are haram, or forbidden. Dietary rules also apply to how food is produced. Food animals, for example, must be raised, fed, and slaughtered according to certain rules.

The book is scholarly in its depth and sources but easy to understand in its straightforward writing style. Though billed as a history, it is also an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to follow -- or know more about -- increasingly complex halal traditions, which changed as Islam...

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