Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Leaving Fishers.

AuthorFontinha, Rita
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HADDIX, Margaret Peterson. Leaving Fishers. Simon & Schuster, Pulse. 262p. c1997. 0-689-86793-X. $5.99. JS

Dorry is the new kid on the block--but moving to a new place to complete her last two years of high school is less than ideal. After suffering three weeks of intense loneliness, she is welcomed by a group of friendly, attractive kids. They begin subtly, but soon it becomes clear that they are a religious group, and eventually they expect total obedience. When her discipler Angela commands her to fast on Thanksgiving on her first visit back to Ohio with her family, she comes close to rebelling. The Fishers must come first--above grades, her job, and her family. How much does Dorry believe, and how badly...

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