HABERLER, GOTTFRIED. Consumer Instal ment Credit and Economic Fluctuations. Pp. xix, 239. New York: National Bu reau of Economic Research, 1942. $2.50

Published date01 November 1942
Date01 November 1942
Subject MatterArticles
there is no good reason why war financial
Opinions, whether valid or not, are de-
policy should be improper; (5) the present
scribed as &dquo;facts&dquo; that must be taken into
war will demonstrate the necessity of a
account. Wage data, for example, are pre-
completely integrated system of economic
sented in some detail, with background in-
control focused upon the single war ob-
formation such as the bearing of long hours
of work and overtime payments on the rise
It is unfortunate that Wartime Price
in earnings; and there is at the same time
Control was not published a year or two
a study of the views of workers themselves
It deserves a wide audience be-
regarding the adequacy of their earnings.
cause of its sound scholarship and highly
A similar study was made of hours of
commendatory brevity, directness, and
work: not only the actual hours worked,
clarity of exposition.
but also the workers’ points of view re-
University of California, Berkeley
garding their hours. Labor’s voice in man-
agement is the subject of much considera-
&dquo;People in Production,&dquo; Change, No. 3,
It was found on the basis of a
Part 1, pp. x, 410. London: The Ad-
sample inquiry that 62 per cent of persons
vertising Service Guild, 1942. 10s.
in all classes felt that workers should have
A superficial reading of &dquo;People in Pro-
more to say in management, and that only
duction&dquo; may leave a feeling of depression.
10 per cent felt that they should have less
It was written during a &dquo;crisis of produc-
to say. There is some discussion of works
tion,&dquo; confused by &dquo;cross accusations, a
councils and the shop-steward movement in
forest of pointing fingers&dquo; (in England,
relation to trade unions.
not America); and there is presented no
The achievement of ef6ciency by re-
clear-cut remedial plan. Nevertheless, the
organizations of administrative machinery
volume is reassuring evidence, if such is
in business...

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