Gutman, Dan. Race for the sky; the Kitty Hawk diaries of Johnny Moore.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Simon & Schuster. 192p. illus. Bibliog. c2003. 0-689-84554-5. $15.95. J

Somewhat in the style of Scholastic's series of historical diary-novels (My Name is America, Dear America, etc.), this presents the story of the Wright brothers' first flight through a teenager's journal. An interesting twist is that Johnny Moore was a real person who actually witnessed the flight, as Gutman makes clear in his conclusion. He even appends a newspaper article about Johnny, and tells about what happened later in his life. In the novel, Johnny is much more involved with the brothers and their persistent efforts to fly than he was in real life. At first he considers them "crazy dingbatters," but over the course of several years he gets to know them and helps them build and test their machines. He even gets a chance to go up in the air himself.


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