Guntry clubs: a luxury your grandpa never knew.

Author:Smithfield, Taylor

Gourmet restaurants and cafes, live-fire shoot houses, gunsmiths, gun vaults and onsite full-auto guns--these aren't your grandfather's shooting range amenities, and that's the way many of today's shooters prefer it.

Adopting fascinating new trends in user experience and customer service, a variety of ranges are reinventing themselves into luxury gun clubs, or what many are calling "guntry clubs." News outlets covering the guntry club trend say the shooting sports are the new golf, and ranges, the new bowling alleys.

While gun ranges will always remain a loyal home base for traditional customers, and L.E./military personnel (and rightly so), ranges are seeing a rise in unique memberships, attracting young, elderly and women shooters alike.

Luxury ranges also offer several insights into consumer interest and how it can broaden your customer base. If you've maximized your current market, then maybe it's time to reevaluate methods to reach new customers. Let's take a look at three guntry clubs with varying facilities and the unique ways they reach their target audience.

Elite Shooting Sports (Manassas, Va.): Elite Shooting is for the traditional, skilled, family-oriented shooter. The facility features a shooting simulator training room, dojo, cafe, lounge, onsite gunsmith, two-level live-fire shoot house, as well as 42 shooting lanes, training classes, ladies programs and personal-defense courses.

Run by internationally-ranked competitive shooter Greg Wodack, Elite Shooting's passion is gun safety, training and top-notch customer service. The range welcomes shooters of all ages and skill levels, and specifically encourages ladies, couples, and kids to enjoy the facilities. Memberships are affordable at $34.95 per month. Visit

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