Guide to security products.

Author:Eder, Eric
Position:Technology - Product/Service Evaluation

Antivirus programs

Norton Antivirus 2001--Effective protection, and a previous PC World "best buy;" includes one year of virus-signature updates; additional updates are $4 per year.

PC-cillin 2000--Automatic updates, fast virus scans; includes a content filter for objectionable Websites.

Software firewalls

Network ICE BlackICE Defender 2.1.--Needs minimal user input. Provides detailed information on attacks, including source IP address, logs suspicious network activity and displays information graphically. Does not monitor applications.

Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Pro--Highly configurable, network ready; stops outside attacks and lets you selectively allow or disallow internet access by application. MailSafe quarantines potentially harmful e-mail attachments.

Hardware firewalls

Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router--Inexpensive: Includes router for up to four networked PCs (expandable to 253 users). Overcoming some limitations on incoming services in the default configuration required extensive tweaking.

Linksys--Provides a wireless Cable/DSL Router and four-port switch combo for about $120 more than the wired version. If you work in an old building or want to do some work outside, this is the ticket.

File encryptor

CenturionSoft Steganos Security Suite--Easy-to-use 128-bit suite includes password management, file shredder, password-protected system lock, encrypted e-mail.

E-mail encryptor

Sigaba Secure--Highly secure encryption keeps keys separate from messages by generating the keys at Sigaba servers. Easy to set up and use, but currently lacks support for some major e-mail clients.

Anonymizer--Easy to use and works with any browser. Allows the secure use of cookies with sites that require them. URL encryption hides browsing history from prying...

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