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Good places to start:

Printer repair/toner supplier: Laser Comp, one of our vendors at the Detroit Regional Chamber, has a service plan that we believe is unique in the industry. You don't pay for maintenance calls while you are buying their toner products. The value of this service will, of course, be commensurate with your print volumes. Because all our printers are on a plan, it is to Laser Camp's advantage to keep our printers well maintained.

Free fax/voice mail/e-mail/Internet access: In the business world, communication is important. For less than $10 a month, you can pick one of several vendors here at the Chamber, in the region or on the Internet that will provide you with your own fax number, e-mail and voice mail (ICG NikoNet,; Netmoves; and on the,, This definitely beats the cost of a dedicated fax line and an expensive machine tied to the end of it, the cost of multiple phone lines and a PBX, plus all the monthly maintenance.

If you don't have e-mail or internet access, Juno e-mail ( is one of several providers of free e-mail services, Now, with both and giving up to 40 hours of Internet access a month away for free, there's no reason not to have Internet access. While high-speed cable is still the best Internet connection available in Metro Detroit for the home user, it won't do anything for you when you're on the road. That's when we depend on our free dial-up connection provided courtesy of For backup protection alone, there is no reason not to have a free account.

When you need help:

PDS (Preferred Data Systems) is a company that does something unheard of in the technology services sector: they don't lock you into a minimum service contract for consulting fees, and they don't require up-front blocks of hours. PDS focuses on preventive maintenance. They are also very customer focused and respond quickly to requests for assistance. They don't charge for travel time, they bill in 15-minute increments and their hourly rates are as low or lower than most providers that are doing all the bad things this company isn't. They...

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