Guide to getting it on, 7th ed.

Author:Hall, David S.
Position:Book review


Paul Joannides

Goofy Foot Press 2013

1184 pages including glossary and index.

This is a birth announcement of the latest edition of the famous Guide To Getting It On. This baby checks in at a little over 4 pounds, and 2.3 inches from cover to cover. Earlier siblings have been translated into 15 languages, this one will probably be translated as well. And surprise, it has an electronic double, complete with color illustrations, available on iBook for your Apple devices at only $9.99.

The original guide is probably older than most of your college students, and this version is very grown up, but still suitable for everyone from teens on up. I have used it as a supplementary text and my students prefer reading it to the more formal, scientific text I use. The drawings (no photos) by Daerick Gross, Sr. are beautiful, especially in the electronic edition in color.

There are now 90 interesting chapters, everything from kissing to anal sex, from history to Barbie to Sex & God. It would be hard to find something not included, but if you do find something you want added, write Paul, and then read this one while waiting for the 8th edition. I have given the Guide as a gift, required students to buy it, and I have never had a complaint. Many of my friends go on to give more...

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