A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City.

Position:Brief article - Book review

A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City

Benjamin Wachs

Strange Castle Press

ImMedia Inc.

9780979327070, $15.95, 150pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: "I was traveling across America, and then Europe, and then Russia, and then the Middle East," author Benjamin Wachs says of these 26 remarkable tales, "waking up each morning not knowing which city I would fall asleep in. Cities became pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, connecting in ways that you could not see on a map, to reveal the secret order of the universe." While these twenty-six short stories had their visible beginnings in a freelance journalist's world travel, they had their inner beginnings in the fertile workings of a remarkable mind. Almost all these...

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