Guardian Flight Alaska's mission is "to provide safe, compassionate, and efficient air medical transportation," across Alaska, including Southeast, Southcentral, Western Alaska, the Aleutian Chain, and the Arctic, a region the company expanded into in 2018 when it established a base in Deadhorse. "We've been up there just over a year now... we weren't sure about the demand, but the demand has been pretty steady throughout the entire year. We are pleased that we made the decision to start operating on the North Slope," reports Guardian Flight Alaska Executive Director Jared Sherman.

He says Guardian Flight Alaska expanded to North Slope operations to better service the people there. Weather on the North Slope can significantly delay transportation, and the delay is even longer when a plane needs to first fly from Fairbanks to reach the patient. "[If] we are on site Ion the Slope], we have a lot better opportunity to get out because you're not projecting the weather three or four hours out; when you get the window of good weather, you can leave then."

Sherman gives the example of a recent transport: "The crew that did the transport contacted me afterwards, and they said having a plane in Deadhorse just saved a life... The patient had a severe heart attack, but oddly had a pretty good physical presentation. The weather was bad enough that we could not have landed there from Fairbanks. They had to wait for weather to clear a little bit, but within...

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