Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, offered the following statement regarding the Telecoms Ministers' meeting on the Telecoms Single Market package in Brussels today:

By taking a general principles-based approach to the Open Internet proposals, the Council would avoid overly prescriptive rules that risk undermining crucial network management and innovation that make the Internet work for everyone.

Today's rejection by the Council of Ministers of large sections of the Telecoms Single Market package gives Europe's policy makers a chance to take a fresh look at the region's telecoms single market future. A bold new vision is required, which deals decisively with issues such as the new Internet bottlenecks and the years of accumulated legacy regulation that have held back investment in Europe's networks.

Despite falling revenues, increased regulation and a challenging economic climate, the telecoms industry continues to play a key role in building Europe's digital future, investing almost 30 billion each year from now to 2020 in next-generation mobile networks. While the Commission's proposed Investment Plan is a step in the right direction, there is an opportunity for the EU institutions to create policies that further boost investment and support innovation.

In Europe, there is a legacy of outdated telecom-focused regulation, while major Internet players remain largely unregulated. If the region is to regain its digital leadership, the EU institutions urgently need to redress the balance between the rules for...

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