GSB Vol. 18, NO. 5, Pg. 52. Member Benefits.

Author:by Sheila Baldwin

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 18.

GSB Vol. 18, NO. 5, Pg. 52.

Member Benefits

GSB JournalVol. 18, NO. 5February 2013Member Benefits Fastcase Advance Sheetsby Sheila BaldwinGeorgia attorneys are beginning the third year using Fastcase for research. Finding case law and statutes, acts, attorney general opinions, court rules and other Georgia-specific legal information has never been easier. As an added benefit, Fastcase has been adding advance sheets over the past year and now is publishing Georgia cases for our members (see fig. 1). These eBooks contain the latest decided cases coming out of the courts and are available in an electronic format viewable on iPad, Kindle, Android and Nook devices.

Advance sheets have been around for more than 100 years and were originally meant to give attorneys a way to view the most recent decisions in their area of interest. Subscriptions are costly; they accumulate into a series of reporters and are eventually published in a book with an additional price tag. Fastcase publishes monthly advance sheets that include judicial opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit and state courts.

With the vast number of cases coming out each year and the need for a better delivery system, Fastcase has come up with a great way to publish advance sheets electronically. Our members can now take advantage of this economical and easy way to keep up on legal trends by reading cases from a tablet, iPod (2nd generation or later) or iPhone (3G or later). The format is much like reading a traditional book with pages that turn or flip. You are able to view a table of contents with summaries from the courts which highlight the...

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