GSB Vol. 17, NO. 1, Pg. 34. 2011 Annual Meeting: Sun, Sand, Surf and Board Business at Myrtle Beach.

AuthorBy Jennifer R. Maso.

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 17.

GSB Vol. 17, NO. 1, Pg. 34.

2011 Annual Meeting: Sun, Sand, Surf and Board Business at Myrtle Beach

GSB JournalVol. 17, NO. 1August 20112011 Annual Meeting: Sun, Sand, Surf and Board Business at Myrtle BeachBy Jennifer R. Maso.Members of the State Bar of Georgia got an early start on their summer at the 2011 Annual Meeting, held at Kingston Shores in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Four days of beautiful weather provided a lovely setting for those who made the trip to the South Carolina coast. While the main focus of the weekend was on varying degrees of Bar business, a considerable amount of time was spent on more pleasurable pursuits, including lunches, dinners and receptions, exploring Myrtle Beach and the ever-popular pastime of just relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

Relaxing at Opening Night

The opening night event set the tone for the weekend. A1A, the official and original Jimmy Buffett tribute band, provided a casual vibe as attendees, their families and guests wound their way around the two pool decks sampling food and drink. Children, and more adventurous adults, tested their athletic abilities on games such as the Lagoon of Doom, a log-rolling contest, the bungee run, foosball and pop-a-shot basketball games. A photo booth provided the opportunity to make more than one special memory of the night and the more creative folks were able to share their whimsical side by donning one of the many hats offered at the hat hut. As always, opening night casually eased attendees into the weekend of business and celebration.

Business of the Weekend

Attorneys were able to conduct a wide array of business throughout the weekend utilizing the Kingston Shores conference facilities. From CLE offerings on topics such as vior dire, malpractice avoidance and Fastcase training to section-specific breakfasts and lunches, there was always an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues while getting up-to-date on trends and topics in the law. Law school receptions provided members with a relaxing prelude to various dinner functions. The weekend also featured the annual YLD 5K Fun Run, now cosponsored with the Pro Bono project, in addition to the golf and tennis tournaments, YLD pool party and various kid and teen programs.

Board Meeting Highlights

Following the presentation of awards at the June 3 plenary session, the Board received a report by Bob McCormack and by unanimous voice vote, approved the proposed changes to Bylaw Article 1, Section 4. The Board then received a report on Memorials by President Lester Tate, followed by reports on the Investigative Panel by Joe Dent, the Review Panel by Greg Fullerton, the Formal Advisory Opinion Board by President Tate, the Supreme Court of Georgia by Chief Justice Carol Hunstein, the Court of Appeals of Georgia by Chief Judge John J. Ellington, the State of the Senate by Sen. Bill Hamrick (chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee) and the House of Representative by Rep. Wendall Willard (chair of the House Judiciary Committee.)

During the plenary session, President Lester Tate delivered his outgoing remarks as required by the bylaws of the State Bar. A copy of these remarks can be found on page 44 of the Bar Journal.

Kenneth L. Shigley presided over the 237th Board of Governors meeting on Saturday, June 4.

Highlights of the meeting included:

* The Board approved the following presidential appointments to the State Disciplinary Board: Investigative Panel District 5: Hubert J. Bell (2014) District 6: Delia T. Crouch (2014) District 7: Christopher A. Townley (2014) Review Panel Northern District: J.Robert Persons (2014) Middle District: Jeffery Monroe (2014) SouthernDistrict: Sharri Edenfield (2014)

Formal Advisory Opinion Board

At-Large: James Brian Ellington (2012)

At-Large: Edward B. Krugman (2012)

Georgia Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Theodore Freeman (2013)

Georgia Trial Lawyers:

Jack J. Helms Jr. (2013)

JohnMarshallLawSchool: Jeffrey Alan Van Detta (2013) Mercer University School of Law: Patrick E. Longan (2013)

Review Panel: Ralph F. Simpson (2012)

University of Georgia School of Law: Lonnie T. Brown (2013)

YLD: Christopher R. Abrego (2013)

* The Board approved the appointments of A. James Elliott and Joseph H. Fowler to the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism for three-year terms. * The Board approved President Shigley's 2011-12 appointments to Standing, Special, Program and Board Committees. * The Board elected Cliff Brashier as executive director for the 2011-12 Bar year. The Board approved the reappointments of Damon E. Elmore and Elena Kaplan to the Georgia Legal Services Board of Trustees for two-year terms. The Board approved the proposed 2011-12 Elections Schedule. * As required by Article V, Section 8 of the Bylaws, the Board:

* authorized the president to secure blanket fidelity bonds for the Bar's officers and staff handling State Bar funds.

* Pursuant to Article V, Section 6 of the Bylaws, the Board:

* Directed the State Bar and related entities to open appropriate accounts with such banks in Atlanta, Ga., but excluding any banks that do not participate in the lOLTA Program, and other such depositories as may be recommended by the Finance Committee and designated by the Executive Committee of the Board of...

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