GSB Vol. 15, NO. 1, Pg. 34. Cavan's Program for the 2009-10 Bar Year.

Author:by Bryan M. Cavan

Georgia Bar Journal

Volume 15.

GSB Vol. 15, NO. 1, Pg. 34.

Cavan's Program for the 2009-10 Bar Year

GSB JournalVol. 15, NO. 1August 2009Cavan's Program for the 2009-10 Bar Yearby Bryan M. CavanGBJ Feature

The following is excerpted from Bryan M. Cavan's presidential speech at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Amelia Island.

Good morning. I come before you today full of appreciation and excitement over the opportunity to serve as president of the State Bar of Georgia. I am also humbled by the awesome responsibility and unique challenges that face our organization and our profession today.

The well-documented changes this economy have brought on the nation's law firms - large, medium and small-led a New York Times writer to surmise, only a couple of weeks ago, the following: "The gentleman's profession of the law is becoming a vestige of the past, removed enough from reality to be remembered, like phone booths or fedoras."

I certainly hope that is an overstatement, but there is no question we are in some uncharted waters with regard to the current economic situation and how it is affecting not only our clients but our fellow lawyers. This is something that we must cope with and work with in a number of different forms.

In this economy, it is imperative that we take an inward look at our organization. Thanks to some decisions we made several years ago with regard to reserves and indexing, at the present time your State Bar is financially healthy, and it will be a top priority for 2009-10 to ensure that those who follow me as president have a healthy Bar to work with as well.

The effects of the economy present a number of challenges to the State Bar to pursue its mission to serve the public, the judicial system and our members.

I believe we have a great untapped resource in our past State Bar presidents. Their interest in the success of this organization did not end when they left office, nor did their love of this profession, their commitment to public service or their dedication to the cause of justice. I intend to utilize their collective talent and individual insight to a great extent toward meeting the challenges of the coming year.

Judge Irwin Stolz, our president from 1970-71, recently and correctly pointed out that the great initiatives of the State Bar rarely come to fruition overnight and never without the widespread support of the Bar's membership.

Ongoing Bar Programs for the Public

Thanks to the vision of my predecessors and a tremendous amount of work by the Executive Committee, Board of Governors and various committees and sections in recent years, the State Bar has made significant strides in a number of areas, and I look forward to continuing this progress this year.

We have raised public awareness of the importance of a strong, fair, impartial and well-funded court system through our Cornerstones of Freedom® public information...

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